Horse Share Program

Our “Horse Share” program creates an experience of horse ownership like no other.  Horses can be expensive and they sure do require a lot of time; there is the board, feed, maintenance, grooming, cleaning, and don’t forget the vet fees! Whew! 

Here at Covenant Acres we realize that not everyone can make a lifelong commitment to horse ownership, which is why the “Horse Share” Program was created.  


Owning a “Horse Share” is all about experiencing barn life, the relationship between horse and rider, and of course, riding!  Owning a “Horse Share” gives the “best” experience without all the financial worry and headache.

The “Horse Share” program at Covenant Acres can be cancelled at anytime by giving a 30 day notice. 


Program Includes:


*1 “Horse Share” (board, hay, grain, halter, lead rope and Covenant Acres hat)

*1 private 60 min lesson a week with Kellie Puckett, Trainer

*2 hours of scheduled free riding per week

*3 scheduled days of horse care: clean stall, grooming, bring the horse in at night, and setting up the next day’s feed/water

* Discounts on Covenant Acres Classes/Camps

Price: $250 a month